Meet our Founder - Logan Woolley

Logan Woolley is already an expert in the beauty Industry
Over the lifespan of his career he has successfully launched multiple million dollar businesses in the beauty and hair space. Creating Yelloow is his way of helping share that success and spread it around to anyone looking to create something amazing.

Beauty Industry Expert
When it comes to hair extensions, Logan knows all the ins and outs! As a young married couple, he and his wife launched their first company in this exact industry. They took what was a business out of the back of their car and grew it into the largest importer and distributor of hair extensions in North America. After creating the some of the biggest and most popular brands in the salon world, Logan decided he wanted to take a leap into a new realm of beauty and explore the DIY/self installed clip in extensions with Yelloow.

Entrepreneur at Heart
Logan took his first steps into the world of business and entrepreneurship at a very young age and never looked back. He has since found success in a variety of industries and has a passion for helping those around him find success in their businesses.

Mentor and Motivator
Having already made his mark on the salon world, Logan is passionate about helping other find their success just as he did! One of his main goals in launching Yelloow and it’s unique Ambassador program was exactly for that reason. It is his goal, as well as the goal of the whole Yelloow team, to help others create and build their own success story in one of the most exciting and fast growing industries in the world.