Uptown Girl Lash Set

Natural Girl Lash Set
Church Girl Lashes with Clear Adhesive


This beauty will give you a staggered style using a mixture of long and short lashes. It’s very on point with today’s lash trends. This style is a great option if you want volume lashes along with a classic look.

  • Band Material: Cotton
  • Band Color: Black
  • Band Length: 30mm
  • Use: Multi-Use (up to 10)

Application Instructions: Lay lash band along your natural lash line for placement. Remove from eye and trim edges as needed. Apply a thin line of adhesive (sold separately) along the lash band. Wait 30 seconds for adhesive to slightly dry and become tacky. Place lash band across natural lash line starting in the middle and then securing each end. Lightly press lash band along lash line while allowing glue to dry naturally.

Removal & Care Instructions: Starting from the outer corner of the lid, gently peel off the lash. Manually remove glue residue from lash band and rinse with water. Place back on tray to dry.

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