Chic Lash Bundle


Chic Bundle (Each pack includes three sets of lashes: 1 Church Girl set, 1 Everyday Girl set, and 1 Party Girl set)
Adhesive not included.

Flirty Girl Lash Set


Chic Bundle (Each pack includes three sets of lashes)
Adhesive not included

No matter your mood or the occasion, longer fuller lashes are always a good idea!
With our Chic Bundle, you get a set of Church Girl, Everyday Girl, and Party Girl lashes. Our faux mink lashes are not only vegan friendly, but are also beautifully low maintenance! No need to curl or add extra mascara to these lashes. Simply apply with our YELLOOW Lash Adhesive, and no matter which set you choose to wear your lashes will be looking lovely.
Don’t forget to grab your YELLOOW Lash Adhesive to keep your lashes put all day long.

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