Logan Wooley

Founder & CEO He’s an Expert in the Beauty Industry...

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Logan was a mere eight years old when he discovered is love of entrepreneurship. While on a vacation in Southern California, Logan and his family crossed the border into Tijuana Mexico for a day where he saw a merchant selling friendship bracelets. He knew a great opportunity when he saw it so he borrowed some money from his parents, bought a batch of bracelets, and brought them back to California to sell at a stand outside of Seaworld. There he stood and sold each colorful bracelet for a healthy profit. By the end of the day he’d made $144 – a fortune to the young Logan. And the fire of entrepreneurship was lit.

As an adult, he stretched his entrepreneurial wings and started a small, single-category company that grew to become the largest importer and distributor of professional human hair extensions in the United States. Things continued to grow from there as they added product lines and experienced staff until he eventually built a multi-million-dollar business.

When asked what prompted him to create YELLOOW Logan responded, “When I was first married and trying to put food on the table, money was my ‘Why’. But this time it is completely different. My ‘Why’ is to use what I have learned to help other people find success and achieve their dreams.”

In addition to helping create entrepreneurs and help make a financial impact on people’s lives, Logan and his wife Kristi are also placing a strong emphasis on the emotional and spiritual wellbeing that comes along with the beauty industry. One of Kristi’s greatest passions is emotional wellbeing and happiness through discovering beauty from within. She says, “Helping women find and love their inner beauty, and then learning to let that shine outwardly is simply amazing.”

As Logan and Kristi each use their individual gifts, talents, and passions to benefit others, their hope is that they too will catch the fire for helping like minded individuals through entrepreneurship. “I’ve learned from an early age that creating companies is a gift of mine. This creative undertaking is nothing more than a set of processes followed over and over. For this reason, I’ve decided to come back into the beauty industry and create a system for others to follow so they can become successful entrepreneurs.”

Logan and the YELLOOW team have done the hard work that trip up a lot of people — research and development, manufacturing, purchasing, warehousing and shipping, marketing, and more. YELLOOW is his way of putting these elements into a holistic system that our Brand Partners can take and create their own thriving businesses.