Our Story

Yelloow Beauty was founded by Logan Woolley, an expert and serial entrepreneur in the beauty industry, but the name came from his daughter, Jagger. Jagger was diagnosed with cancer at age 6. Jagger inherited her father’s entrepreneur genes and her mother’s compassionate heart. During her time in the hospital, she saw her friends receiving chemo and their families struggling financially with the demands of childhood cancer, and she wanted to help.

From there Yelloow was born and Jagger was able to raise $60,000 from its first product, which she donated to her friend’s and their families. A couple years thereafter, one remission and re-diagnosis later, Yelloow has been re-invented. Now, Yelloow is an online marketplace for high-quality beauty products, that offers a unique two tier affiliate program made up of partners and ambassadors. 

Yelloow is a platform to help inspire and empower everyone to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit inside each of us. It is a community of like-minded people supporting one another, and creating a future for themselves that they desire. In line with Jagger’s vision, it is a purpose driven organization that gives back to people and causes around the world!

Our Community

We are committed to creating a community of supportive, like minded beauty entrepreneurs to support, share, and uplift one another. As a community, it is our goal to make an impact on the beauty industry through product innovation, value focused mentalities, and a place where everyone's creativity is celebrated and welcomed!

Our Founder

Logan Woolley is already an expert in the beauty Industry. Over the lifespan of his career he has successfully launched multiple million dollar businesses in the beauty and hair space. Creating Yelloow is his way of helping share that success and spread it around to anyone looking to create something amazing.


He's an expert in the beauty industry